Sunday, July 27, 2014

John Kerry Gets Caught With Hot Mike Ripping On Israel.. Fox News Host Calls Him Out
While reports show that there have been civilian casualties on both sides of the conflict, Kerry’s statement seems to imply that he has his doubts about Israel’s claims to be successfully avoiding civilian casualties.
Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace used the accidentally recorded statement made by Secretary of State Kerry to put the Secretary in the hot seat. Referring to it sarcastically as an “extraordinary moment of diplomacy,” Wallace asked Secretary of State Kerry if he felt that the Israelis were going too far in their assault.
Kerry’s response was measured and practiced, a far cry from what was heard over the open mic. Some would argue that it is in moments like these when the administration’s true feelings toward their allies come to the fore. It has been suggested that a better understanding of the administration’s viewpoint of its allies would provide a clear picture of what its intentions in world events are.

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