Sunday, July 27, 2014



Polls completed by respected pollster Politico are showing approval ratings for President Barack Obama in the low to mid 40s. These polls were conducted in all states that are deemed to be a competitive battle ahead of the November elections. States where the margin for a favored candidate is greater than 10% were not included in the study. This serves to highlight the attitude of votes in the states that will determine whether the house and/or senate are in control of the Republicans or Democrats.
A few key questions were asked by the Politico poll, and here is a short analysis of potential voters’ answers -
44% of people surveyed for this poll stated that they would favor a Republican candidate for the senate or house seat. Meanwhile, 42% favor Democratic candidates. 13% do not know who they will vote for. This indicates uncertainty in the minds of votes, with neither party enjoying high popularity these days.
A substantial 45% of people would want Obamacare repealed as soon as possible. This is compared to 38% who simply want minor modifications, and 17% who are happy with the law.
When questioned about whether they would trust a particular party to handle foreign issues, 28% of voters said they were not sure. 39% sided with Republicans and 32% with Democrats.

If Republicans wish to make gains in the November elections, they need to ram home support regarding issues such as foreign policy, healthcare, and the voters’ personal dislike of President Obama. In contrast, Democrats will need to focus on social issues, immigration reform, and the slowly improving economy.

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