Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Received the E-MAIL below.....

I have friends and family on the police force so I would agree with the e-mail EXCEPT .....Almost every day, reading through the news, I come across an article where an officer or sheriff overstepping their boundaries. Either shooting someone unnecessarily, or beating someone to the point of hospitalization or death, not to mention a swat team showing up at homes just to "serve a warrant" or some other superficial reason. COPS ARE OUT OF HAND AND NEED TO BE REINED IN.... GRANTED...the feds aren't needed, but something has to be done about these "rogue" cops.
 E-MAIL below.....
Stop Eric Holder's power grab - Sign our petition

Stop Eric Holder's power grab - Sign our petitionIf anybody with a badge has violated the United States Constitution it's Attorney General Eric Holder. By sending in the feds whenever a law-breaker's feelings get hurt, Holder's Justice Department is trying to make criminals look like victims - and law enforcement officers look like perpetrators.



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