Thursday, January 1, 2015



HuffPo: 4th Of July Is Racist And White People Ruin Everything     By , December 31, 2014.

The destruction of Black life in this country is built on white silence — on white heartlessness about Black people’s — including Black children’s — imprisonment and murder. White people turn away from the bloodshed, throw up our hands about the alleged “futility” of the current state of anti-Black violence in our communities, or obsess over minutiae in the unrelenting reports of police and vigilante killings…
Never mind the thousands of blacks that are killed by other blacks every year, the real problem is a few isolated incidences in which black law breakers where killed by white police officers either attempting to arrested them or defending their lives from them. Now that Grant has established that white people are responsible for all of the killing in the black community, here’s what she thinks white people ought to do to fix it:
(1) Stop being the first person to talk at every meeting; stop being the person we hear from the most. Listen. Listen more. Listen when you are uncomfortable.
Yeah, shut up. Your cracker-ass opinion don’t mean sh*t.

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