Thursday, January 1, 2015

Learned every thing he knows from watching obama

De Blasio reappoints judge who freed men who threatened cops 

Police Union: Tensions not resolved after de Blasio meeting

Mayor Bill de Blasio delivered another blow to New York's Finest on Wednesday when he reappointed a Brooklyn judge who freed without bail two men who threatened cops just days after the Bed-Stuy double police assassination.
The stunning decision came even as one of the suspects — a gang member charged with posting police death threats online — skipped a court date and had a warrant out for his arrest, sources said.
Brooklyn Criminal Court Judge Laura Johnson had faced a midnight expiration of her term. She was appointed by then-Mayor Mike Bloomberg in January 2013.
Her one-year, interim reappointment by de Blasio outraged law enforcement officials a day after he met with the heads of five police unions to heal his fractured relationship with cops.
"The mayor's actions of reappointing this judge are completely hypocritical to his argument that he’s pro-police and counterproductive to what he claims to be an effort to open dialogue going forward,” said sergeants union chief Ed Mullins.
"He had the opportunity to demonstrate good will and support for the police, and he once again has demonstrated the opposite."
The head of the state ¬court officers union, Dennis Quirk, called de Blasio’s decision "a disgrace."

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