Friday, January 2, 2015

Questions Surround Highway Shootout With Police  Jan 2, 2015  By

Bodies Found in West Virginia Shootout Suspects' Car
Police from two states are working to piece together a series of crimes that included a house burned down, a stolen truck containing the bodies of an elderly couple, a shootout with police, and a car chase.
Police in West Virginia pulled over Eric Campbell, 21, on New Year's Day for driving a North Carolina truck that was registered as stolen.

His father, Edward Campbell, 54, was driving in a different vehicle and pulled over in front of the police when he saw his son being approached by the officers.
Edward "came back there to where [the highway patrol officers] were at, and when they asked him for identification, he pulled a pistol and started shooting," West Virginia's Lewisburg Police Chief Tim Stover told ABC News.    STORY

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