Tuesday, January 20, 2015

JESUS VS. MUHAMMAD!! (Qur'an Challenge II) – See the Video that Has Inspired THOUSANDS of Death Threats!
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Our friend and compatriot Steven Crowder is a very funny dude – he’s also pretty smart. For years he’s combined these two gifts to create some of the best conservative comedy commentary on the interwebs, and because of that he’s gotten himself into a bit of hot water on more than one occasion.
Over the years he’s created a couple of commentaries on Islam that have garnered him some… unwanted attention. With the recent attacks in Paris and the media firestorm that has developed around the attack, a video Steven made two years ago went viral for a second time.
The video is called “Jesus vs. Muhammad (The Quran Challenge II). The video’s title describes the content perfectly – it is literally a comparison between Jesus and Muhammad… and the video has become so popular that it has inspired thousands of death threats against our dear friend.

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