The elections in November proved the people want something to change. They’re tired of being offered lip service from their representatives and they’re eager to see congressional leadership that actually follows through on its promises.
Enter Trey Gowdy.
Gowdy, a former prosecutor, is a rising star for among people who voted red.
Part of the reason for his popularity is he follows talk with action. It’s why he assumed the lead role in the Benghazi investigations and it’s why his recent speech in congress generated a thunderous amount of applause.
But let’s rewind for a moment.
Only recently the House of representatives voted against H.R. 240 which would have gone to fund the president’s action on illegal immigration.
The vote went down 236-191, and the President was delivered a message by House Republicans. Standing firm in their dedication to follow the constitution they told Obama they weren’t going to take stand for his shenanigans any longer.
And Obama likely saw it coming.
As an “expert” in the constitution, Obama knew passing the executive order to give amnesty to 5 million illegals was not within the scope of his authority. Heck, he admitted it 22 times before reneging on his assertions.
Trey Gowdy being the ever astute and aggressive former prosecutor called Obama out on the floor and let the congress and the world know Obama was a liar.
Gowdy eviscerated the President for flip-flopping on the issue and asked those present to seriously consider the wrong committed against the congress.
Not only did he point out The President’s failing to uphold his oath office, he pointed out to all present the President had assumed a power that was not his to begin with.
As he said:
“Now, Madam Speaker, his position may have changed — after the election, I hasten to add — but the Constitution has not,”

“That document is clear, time-tested and true,and it says that this body passes laws and it is the responsibility of the chief executive, Madam Speaker, to make sure that those laws are faithfully enforced.”
So well put.     You can see the video here.