Wednesday, June 10, 2015

    Steven Spielberg with dinoJoyce Carol Oates and that picture of Steven Spielberg with a 'dead' dinosaur
    The Guardian on · 7 hours ago
  1. The author appeared to blast a photo of the director with a dead 'Jurassic Park' dinosaur, tweeting, 'So barbaric that this should still be allowed.' 
Oates has a Twitter feed which has come in for a fair amount of criticism in the past. “Here is the problem with your Twitter feed, Joyce Carol Oates: It is, as we like to say on the internet, the worst,” wrote our own Michelle Dean for Gawker last year, citing her “‘Cat food’ in China actually is” comment. The novelist had previously been criticised for linking rape culture to Islam on her Twitter feed, and for saying she’d be “very surprised” if women were harassed in affluent areas.
Oates’ latest gaffe – if indeed it was a gaffe, on which more later – is less controversial, but significantly funnier. After Twitter user Chris Tilly posted, as a joke, the image of Steven Spielberg sitting next to the body of a triceratops which went viral last year, writing “This guy thinks it’s cool to kill defenceless animals then take a selfie. Jerk”, Oates took up the anti-hunter baton.STORY

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