Sunday, June 7, 2015

VIDEO: Rudy Giuliani Reveals Where He Thinks Hillary Should Be… This Will Drive Her Up the Wall

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani took a bold stance in the wake of the release of “Clinton Cash,” an eye-opening book written by Peter Schweizer that detailed potential corruption inside the Clinton Foundation while Hilary Clinton was secretary of state.
In a CNN interview, Guiliani was asked where Clinton would stand if the former federal attorney were still in the prosecutorial business.
“As a former federal prosecutor, there’s no way she wouldn’t be in front of grand jury if I were U.S. attorney in the southern district of New York,” he replied.
Liberal host Chris Cuomo, taken aback by the answer, challenged Giuliani by asking, “Really, on which allegation?”
Without hesitation, Giuliani pointed to the potential conflict of interest and quid pro quo allegations involving the receipt of large amounts of money by the Clinton Foundation from foreign donors while she was in a position to affect U.S. foreign policy.
“I think there is way more than enough there to warrant an investigation,” Giuliani told Cuomo on CNN.

Earlier this year, Giuliani infuriated liberals and sparked controversy after publicly admitting that he believed President Barack Obama doesn’t love America.
Even after tremendous pressure to back down from his statement, Giuliani stood behind his words.
That’s why when Giuliani speaks, people listen. He doesn’t have a hat in the ring for political office or anything to gain — he’s simply on a mission to expose the truth.

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