Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Obama Set To Push For ‘Slavery Reparations’, Cash Payments To Black Americans In 2016

Reparations my ass there are no slave owners nor slaves (sold into slavery by tribal chiefs for beads and tabacco)still alive today.
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New reports have suggested that Obama is preparing to push for slavery reparations in 2016.
This shocking plan was revealed by Fox Business News host Charles Payne during Thursday’s episode of Making Money.
“The news is a glimpse of much bigger news that is going to come from the White House, next year, I’m leaning towards,” Payne said, after talking about news in Chicago. “I think that there’s going to be an official apology from the White House to slavery in America and then a major push to get cash, and I’m talking lots of cash.”
“Many including those closest to President Obama will push him to make this happen,” Payne predicted, according to Mediaite. “I actually think it would be a major mistake. Instead, Obama should really discuss and focus on all of the progress we have made and how all Americans need to move forward for better days for all of our kids.”
While this may seem outrageous and alarming, we definitely would not put it past Obama.

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