Tuesday, July 14, 2015

my interpretation of what I heard of obamas speech to naacp today

     Woke up from a nap to Obama speaking at the naacp convention. What I first heard, was that if we let all the black people in prison out, we would have 80 billion more dollars to give away to poor blacks in the country, like FREE day care, FREE college tuition. I guess he wants all non-violent offenders released from prison so they have a chance to commit worse crimes.This on the heels of Obama commutes sentences for 46 nonviolent drug offenders.
     If this were a WHITE president speaking like this to WHITE people, the BLACKS would be marching and protesting and demonstrating all the way to Washington, [translated--smashing, burning and looting]
     Wake up WHITE America ! The country is being GIVEN to the BLACKS. And we're sitting back and letting it happen. Don't believe me ? Just turn on the TV. Have you ever seen so many black commercials and shows, even more blacks on white shows?  What is happening in the world and politically, taking down our flag, but leaving an African American monument on the same grounds the flag was on, Slowly eliminating "WHITEY" "CRACKER"
     This FOOL is destroying America and have signed our death warrents in that nuclear deal with Iran. [also Israels]. Even other Arab countries are criticizing obama over that deal.
GOD HELP US...................

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