Monday, July 13, 2015

VIDEO: Kid Rock Has EPIC 3-Word Response to Al Sharpton Group Demanding He Remove Rebel Flag

Kid Rock has recently come under fire for his use of the Confederate Battle flag during his performances. This is another part of the liberal purge of anything they deem offensive.
Kid Rock has done a tremendous amount of work for his home town of Detroit. He has done far more than Al Sharpton or any of the other people crying about how terrible he is, yet they all want to criticize him because of a flag.In response to those demanding that he denounce the Confederate flag, Kid Rock was his usual demure self.
“Kiss my ***,” he said.
“Please tell the people who are protesting to kiss my ***,” was his full statement on the matter to Fox News Channel’s Megyn Kelly.
Liberal arguments that Kid Rock is some sort of racist further collapsed when they were made aware of his African American son, Bobby Jr (H/T TPNN).
Maybe Kid Rock just likes the flag and views it as a piece of history. Maybe he just likes the colors. Given his personal style and previous statements he’s made, chances are best that he simply sees it as symbolic of his own rebel attitude.
Regardless, he definitely isn’t using it to call for mass genocide as some would suggest.
To the liberals who are crying out over this perceived injustice: How many of you actually even knew Kid Rock used a Confederate Flag in his shows before you read about it on the news?
Probably the same number who knew he had an African American son.

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