Sunday, July 12, 2015

Would I vote for Trump ? I don't know, but...He's saying what I want to hear and the way I want to hear it. Pull no punches, no apologys, tells it like it is stand firm behind his remarks. The media is already trying to make him look like a clown, discredit him, even showed a video on how he "flip- flopped" on some subjects but, which candidate hasn't ? So, may have a tougher time smearing him than they expected. This guy,Doug Giles says it better than I could, so read on.....

Trump Appeal     Doug Giles | Jul 12, 2015

Thank God The Donald’s in the Presidential mix for 2016.
So, why doth I thank Christ Jesus for The Donald’s presence in this next election? Well… it’s not because of the hairdo, but it’s principally because he’s a refreshing, equal opportunity offender who has perfected and joyfully given the middle finger to the media and the appropriate political hacks both on the Left and the supposed Right.
Yep, what I primarily dig about Donald is he doesn’t give a shiitake mushroom about Hillary or whomever Rove is trying to prop up and considers the likes of Karl and the Hildebeest to be slimy chunks of corn that are culpable for this abysmal America mess.
Some of my Facebook "friends" have been giving me grief, asking me if I "really believe Trump could become President" with that tsk-tsk tone of typed, social-media emoticon derision; and if I would "really vote for him for president?"
Would I vote for him if it boiled down to him versus Hillary? Uh, duh. For that matter, I’d vote for Donald Trump’s turd before I would vote for that nasty, vile, corrupt-to-the-core, long-toothed, lardy hagfish otherwise known as, Hillary Rodham Clinton.
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