Wednesday, August 5, 2015

the battle flag of the Confederacy. This comment makes more sense than anything I have read yet....

Pulled this comment from an article by the DIPLOMAD

The attack on the battle flag of the Confederacy has NOTHING to with the flag, and EVERYTHING to do with rewriting history to suit the progressive agenda. As always. After all, whomever can rewrite the past can control the present. Whomever controls the present determines the future. And we all know where that leads...a very, very bad place!

As Rush Limbaugh pointed out , the next step is to attack the American flag for everything bad it supposedly represents. What he failed to mention is that the attack on that flag has already been in progress for a long, long time...

Isn't it amazing, you don't hear or read much on the subject of the flag now, I wonder what this hullabaloo  was used to cover up ??

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