Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Where is the outrage and riots ???

Black Thugs Smash White Girl’s Face In With Metal Pipe

Jessica Byrnes-Laird is disfigured and will require extensive reconstructive surgery after getting her face smashed in by some black thugs at a convenience store in Blanchard, LA. What did she do to deserve such a fate? Apparently her crimes were being white and looking good in a bikini.
NBC 6 reports:
Around 9:00pm Sunday, Jared Pelletier and Jessica Byrnes-Laird drove to the A&Y Quick Stop in the MLK neighborhood.
MLK neighborhood? Well there’s your problem right there. In any case, Jessica and Jared were returning from a day of swimming. Jessica was still in her bikini when they stopped at the convenience store. Jared went in while Jessica stayed in the car.
Around that time a group of four or five black males took notice of the pretty white girl in a bathing suit. The classless scumbags began making catcalls and disgusting sexual remarks at Jessica. When Jared came out of the store, the thugs were still harassing her.
“I walk out of the station and there’s these guys staring at [Jessica] saying sexual comments,” said Jared.
When Jared tried to get the black guys to back off, they jumped him. He must have held his own considering it was one against four or possibly five assholes. Jared managed to get back in the car and that’s when one of the thugs hurled a bass pipe through the passenger side window, striking Jessica in the face. Video


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