Sunday, April 3, 2016

If you ever watched the "TODAY" show, you'll know Matt Lauer is NOT always a "nice guy"...

Trump Spars With 'Today' Show: 'She
Grabbed Me'

Donald Trump Wednesday sparred with NBC's Matt Lauer and Savannah
Guthrie in a "Today" show fight over his defense of campaign manager
Corey Lewandowski against accusations of battery, not even acknowledging
 that there was reason to "agree to disagree" with the two morning show
hosts on the issue.

"You can't disagree, Matt, because the evidence is the evidence," the GOP
presidential candidate told Lauer just before the call-in interview ended.
"Most people would disagree with you."

Lewandowski turned himself in to the Jupiter, Florida Police Department
after a warrant was issued on charges that he grabbed former Breitbart
News reporter Michelle Fields while she she was trying to ask Trump
questions after a press conference.

Lewandowski has denied Fields' claims, and Trump appeared on several
news programs on Wednesday to stand up for his top aide.


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