Friday, April 8, 2016

North Carolina Won’t Be Bullied By Big Business Hypocrites

Todd Starnes | Apr 07, 2016       
PayPal, the website known for processing online payments, believes grown men have a constitutional right to use the same bathrooms as little girls.
So when North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory signed a bill that banned people from using bathrooms not assigned to their birth sex, PayPal became enraged and retaliated.
They canceled plans to open a new operations center in Charlotte – a facility that would’ve employed more than 400 workers. 
READ MORE        Normally I would write my own feelings, instead am posting a comment from a reader that says it all

leisa hedlite
The Hypocrite Of the Year Award goes to PayPal! PayPal does business in 25 countries where homosexual behavior is illegal, including five countries where the penalty is death, yet they object to the North Carolina legislature overturning a misguided ordinance about letting men in to the women’s bathroom? Perhaps PayPal would like to try and clarify this seemingly very hypocritical position.'”
PayPal announced in March that it would explore business opportunities in the Communist nation of Cuba, where homosexuals and transgenders are tortured, jailed and executed.
“PayPal only agreed to come to Charlotte in the first place after holding out for millions in corporate incentives. “And under the current law that they are so strongly protesting, PayPal could have chosen their own corporate bathroom policies."
One more thing.....their corporate offices do not cater to transgenders or anything of the source. Inside their offices you will find separate Men & Women restrooms. hahaha

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