Wednesday, April 6, 2016

WAIT...Harvard is in Cambridge, Massachusetts, that is a northern state. Aren't most people sure that only the SOUTHERN STATES had slaves ?

Harvard unveils plaque in memory of slaves  = Giving in to the whims of BLACKS so they will think HARVARD really cares....HAH ! 

Wadsworth House at Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass.

© Kim Grant/Getty Images Wadsworth House at Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass.

CAMBRIDGE -- Harvard University unveiled a plaque Wednesday at the former home of Harvard presidents in memory of four slaves who lived and worked in the building.
The gesture is part of the university’s efforts to more forthrightly acknowledge its connections to slavery. President Drew Faust declared last week in an opinion piece in the Harvard Crimson that Harvard was “directly complicit in America’s system of racial bondage” and should do more to own up to it.
“Although we embrace and regularly celebrate the storied traditions of our nearly 400 year history, slavery is an aspect of Harvard’s past that has rarely been acknowledged or invoked,” Faust wrote.

In Wednesday’s ceremony, the plaque was placed at the Wadsworth House, where slaves owned by two college presidents -- Benjamin Wadsworth and Edward Holyoke -- worked and lived in the Colonial era. The slaves being highlighted during the ceremony are: Titus and Venus, owned by Wadsworth; and Juba and Bilhah, owned by Holyoke.

Faust, a historian of the American South and the Civil War who grew up in Virginia, raised the issue as Harvard and other universities grapple with symbols of their history, one that is often intertwined with slavery.
Last month, Harvard Law School moved to change its shield, which uses elements of a former slaveholding family’s coat of arms.
Harvard has also dropped the term “house masters” when referring to those who supervise some undergraduate residence buildings and will instead call them “faculty deans.”
Faust announced that in March 2017, the university’s Radcliffe Institute plans to host a major conference on universities and slavery.

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IF that whole area sank into Boston harbor, no one would care.