When it comes to Benghazi, emails, law firm billing records, White House Travel Office hiring and cattle futures, Hillary Clinton is firmly opposed to transparency.
But when it comes to little green space aliens, Clinton says they may be real — and vows to investigate.
Yes, Hillary Clinton says space aliens may be real and she is running for president to uncover the truth.

The New York Times reports:…it is her unusual knowledge about extraterrestrials that has struck a small but committed cohort of voters.
   Mrs. Clinton has vowed that, barring any threats to national security, she would open up government files on the subject, a shift from President Obama, who typically dismisses the topic as a joke. Her position has elated UFO enthusiasts, who have declared Mrs. Clinton the first “E.T.” candidate.
   “Hillary has embraced this issue with an absolutely unprecedented level of interest in American politics,” said Joseph G. Buchman, who has spent decades calling for government transparency about extraterrestrials.
   Mrs. Clinton, a cautious candidate who often bemoans being the subject of Republican conspiracy theories, has shown surprising ease plunging into the discussion of the possibility of extraterrestrial beings.
   She has said in recent interviews that as president she would release information about Area 51, the remote Air Force base in Nevada believed by some to be a secret hub where the government stores classified information about aliens and UFOs.
   When asked if she believed in UFOs, Mrs. Clinton said, “I don’t know. I want to see what the information shows.” But she added, “There’s enough stories out there that I don’t think everybody is just sitting in their kitchen making them up.”
   When asked about extraterrestrials in an interview with The Conway Daily Sun in New Hampshire last year, Mrs. Clinton promised to “get to the bottom of it.”
   “I think we may have been” visited already, she said in the interview. “We don’t know for sure.”

This isn’t the first time Hillary has gotten weird.  As First Lady she held “séances” in which she had “conversations” with the ghosts of Eleanor Roosevelt and Mahatma Ghandi.
In 1995, she also held a private meeting with UFO conspiracy theorist Laurance S. Rockefeller, who has publicly accused the U.S. government of hiding space aliens in Roswell, New Mexico.  She’s also been photographed reading books on space aliens.
She continues to receive briefings on space aliens from her campaign chairman, John Podesta, who has also accused the government of covering up the existence of aliens.
Does this mean Hillary Clinton is the first presidential candidate to think “The X-Files” is a documentary?