Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Donald Trump News

Trump to Ed Klein: Being 'Rebel' Won't Work, Make Nice with GOP Establishment
Presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump says he will seek to get along with House Speaker Paul Ryan and other party leaders for the general election, Ed Klein writes in a blog post published Tuesday.
"I first thought I might be better off without Ryan and the support of the party," Klein quotes Trump. "I've done great as a rebel up to now with fantastic crowds everywhere, and for a time I was going to play the meeting in Washington as a rebel."
But Trump told Klein that while being a rebel in the primary season is fine, the general election is different.
"So I've decided that getting along is better," he said. "I think it will play well in Washington."
Ryan said last week he could not yet support Trump, but indicated a willingness to do so. Trump initially said he could win without the support of Ryan or anyone else in the party.

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