Friday, May 13, 2016

Larry Craig: A Case for Donald Trump, Part 1 Larry A. Craig, author "The Importance of Healing"

In contrast to our caution about Donald Trump, CHQ reader, author and minister Larry A. Craig offers a compelling conservative argument in favor of voting for Trump. (Click the link to order Mr. Craig’s book The Importance of Healing) 
Craig says, “I feel compelled to vote for Donald Trump.  Everybody had his list of important issues by which he judges a candidate.  For me there are five issues that are the iceberg sinking the ship.  And if the ship sinks, nothing else is going to matter.  In each case, Donald Trump is either the only one who understands the problem, has the right solution to fix the problem, or is the only one I believe will actually do what is needed to Donald Trumpfix the problem.” 
Mr. Craig summarizes the argument in favor of Donald Trump this way: 
The first issue is jobs.  I believe the loss of jobs is probably the biggest reason for our country’s staggering debt.  It combines the loss of tax revenue with an increase in government spending for assistance programs.  

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