Monday, November 28, 2016

I many people who live in the "sanctuary" cities even know that they are (sanctuary cities)? I only found recently that Philadelphia is. This wasn't voted on, it's our a**hole mayors who made this decision with approval from our "city council" (I think under the threat from Obama of losing federal funding) I certainly hope that congress doesn't fight Trump on this

Trump Issued THIS Message To Mayors Of Sanctuary Cities –They’re Not Going To Like It

One thing I am looking forward to with the start of Trump’s administration is the end of sanctuary cities. His latest message on this subject brought a HUGE smile to my face.
He has made it very clear once the new administration takes charge, federal funding might be cut from any cities participating in the liberal sanctuary city program, via Breitbart.
The liberal mayors of these cities act as though they are doing the citizens of this country a favor by protecting these illegals, but they are actually breaking the law.
Really, it is quite the slap in the face to the people that live in these cities that their tax dollars are used to support illegal immigrants, when they could be used to better schools and roads, or anything else for that matter!
Reports estimate some 300 cities across the country are not allowing our federal agencies to do their jobs and kick these illegals out of the country.
With the new decision, these cities will risk losing the federal funding they have long used to balance their budget. In fact, many of these cities would find themselves in desperate financial difficulty if that federal funding is held back.
Now, this fact alone should be alarming to anyone who reads it.
Think about it, these mayors are protecting illegals, handing them millions of dollars in entitlement benefits, and it is driving their cities into bankruptcy! Yet they continue to do it! Who, exactly, do these mayors think they owe their allegiance to?
Many of these sanctuary cities are liberal strongholds, which also have more minority communities. These are the same communities that complain of police brutality, poor infrastructure, and horrible schooling.
If just a small portion of the funding is now allocated to house, feed, and provide medical attention to illegals was actually used to help the city, you know, to address domestic issues which impact our actual citizens, imagine how much better life would be in these communities.
Sanctuary cities need to end, period. Illegals need to be removed from this country, period. And if I had my way, they would all go to the back of the line instead of the front of the line to get back in.

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