Saturday, December 3, 2016


Conservative Daily Post| Following the terrorist attack in San Bernardino, California last year, Donald Trump introduced his bold message for the first time.
“Donald J. Trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what is going on,” Trump added.

Now that Donald Trump has won the election and Republicans control Congress, there is virtually nothing Democrats can do to stop President Trump and Republicans from passing any legislation they so choose.
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We paid to bring Abdul Razak Ali Artan here as a "refugee"

We paid for his college too and he still committed Jihad

It's time to BAN ISLAM
That message has spread across Congress given that Congressman Brian Babin (R-TX) is bringing a Bill forward that will allow for a total suspension of Obama’s refugee resettlement program.
“Our refugee program has basically become a Trojan Horse,” Babin said.
“We have to take a step back and reevaluate our asylum policies that are absolutely getting Americans killed for politically correct reasons,” Babin explained, adding that the Ohio State University refugee attack “comes on the heels of another Somali refugee stabbing in Minnesota” that took place in September.
“The threat is growing. It’s time for us to wake up,” Babin added. “We’ve got to look no further than Western Europe to see the results of what happens when you have… unchecked and completely overwhelming refugee numbers.”
Babin explained that in July of 2015, he introduced a bill (H.R. 3314) which would enact a “common sense pause and suspension of the refugee program to make sure we’re not carelessly letting folks in who intend to do us harm.”

“We just want to suspend the program [and] stop the refugees. We know the dangers of it,” Babin said.
“It’s incredible how we can be so willfully blind,” Babin added. “We have absolutely got to stop this program. And my bill is really the one that will put Congress back in the driver’s seat and re-establish our responsibility and control over the refugee program.”
The only reason that we are even able to have a discussion like this is because Donald Trump won instead of Hillary Clinton. Before Donald Trump won the presidency, no one in Congress dared to bring meaningful legislation forward. They were all establishment cronies bound to their special interest groups.

How many more terrorist attacks will we allow before we realize Islam is the problem? Have we ever seen a group of Christians fly planes into buildings? Or drive a truck over 86 people to kill them? Or shoot up a Christmas party because Santa Claus offended Islam?
My point exactly. How many more Americans must die before this faulty and deadly refugee program is looked at more thoroughly? Homeland Security and Congress must do their job, especially now that there’s an administration change.
Our goal for the next four years should be the complete and utter destruction of the Democrat party while forcing establishment Republicans to either get on board or they will be cleaved from the herd.
Making America great and safe again is not a catchphrase, it is a way of life. Under President Trump’s leadership, we will put an end to the Muslim refugee program in order to keep our cities, schools, and communities safe from jihadi terrorists that are offended by our way of life.

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