Monday, November 28, 2016

This was a large article, so I reduced it to the following

Stein’s Recount Crusade In Pennsylvania Riddled With Hurdles...Like The Fact That She Missed The Deadline   Matt Vespa  Nov 28, 2016

Dear Greens, liberals, progressives, and any other Clinton supporter. Clinton lost the election. There was no tampering, the Obama administration has even confirmed that much, and it’s time to make way for President Donald J. Trump. This is just becoming an exercise in cruelty, where the Left is keeping some hope alive when in reality—all is lost. Old, sick Hillary is now becoming sore loser Hillary—and losing with grace has gone right out the window.

UPDATE: Yeah, the lawsuit is Stein's only option--and it's not a good one. The recount deadline has passed. Let it go, lady (via Philadelphia Inquirer):

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