Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Evergreen State College Professor: PD ‘Barricaded’ In Their Station As Students Threaten Violence, Because Racism 
Evergreen State College is promoting threats of violence from students.

Evergreen State College is promoting threats of violence from
students.  Racist Evergreen State College Students Don’t Realize
They’re Idiots

Olympia, WA – After a group of students took over Evergreen State College campus and threatened violence, the college president says he’s “grateful” for the “passion and courage” demonstrated by the mob, according to The Washington Times.
The blow up all started over this year’s “Day of Absence.” In the past, the event was a day when all people of color would choose to leave the campus for the day in order to show their contributions to the campus, according to Heat Street.
Bret Weinstein, a progressive biology professor at Evergreen State College, wrote an e-mail which pointed out what should be obvious:


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cannon said...

anyone involved in violent demonstrations, or who threaten violence on campus should be arrested and charged with criminal charges. the school should also pursue civil action against protesters who are not students. any student found participating in violent activities should be immediately expelled. any faculty should be fired, even if tenured.
if the administration is too spinless to carry out their duties, .the state and federal governments should with hold all funding.
all alumni donations should be ended, and the board of regents should begin replacing administrators who allow their campuses to be politized