Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Whites Are Now Banned From This Location In Washington

Thanks to 8 years of Obama manufacturing his little race war in America, race relations in our country are at an all-time low.

Now we have white people being victimized and demonized simply for being white, as liberals continue to demand that whitey makes reparations for slavery, continually telling them to “check their privilege,” regardless of if their ancestors owned slaves or not.
If that wasn’t enough insanity to last a lifetime, now liberals are trying to make segregation mainstream, as evidenced by numerous activities that whites are being excluded from all across the country.
Harvard University is one of the colleges caving to political correctness recently, as they announced last week that they’d be holding a separate graduation ceremony for their black students, while hilariously asserting that the move had “nothing to do with segregation.”
But barring whitey from attending an event at Harvard still wasn’t quite enough racism for these idiots however, as now another university is upping the anti of ridiculousness in a move that will make you absolutely livid.
Black students at the American University in Washington, D.C. are not only demanding an extension on their final exams because they are black and deserve it, but are also demanding a “sanctuary for people of color” at the local cafe on campus, where they are demanding that white people be banned from eating there.

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