Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Man Who Dragged Trooper Chad Wolf To Death For Almost 4 Miles Found Not Guilty    

Charles Warren Jr. (left) killed Trooper Chad Wolf but was acquitted of all charges.
Charles Warren Jr. (left) killed Trooper Chad Wolf but was acquitted of all charges.

Charles Warren Acquitted Of Charges For Killing Trooper Chad Wolf

Pontiac, MI – Charles Warren Jr., 70, was acquitted on Wednesday of all charges for the dragging death of Michigan State Trooper Chad Wolf.
Despite the clear evidence of wrongdoing, the jury brushed the incident off as an “accident” and not worthy of criminal charges, according to CBS Detroit.
On August 28, 2015 Trooper Chad Wolf was on motorcycle patrol on  I-75 near Dixie Highway in Springfield Township. While on his motorcycle, Charles Warren’s car, which was pulling a trailer, struck Trooper Wolf, pulling him off of his motorcycle, and dragging the trooper to death over almost four miles before he finally pulled into a rest stop.
There’s little doubt that Warren didn’t intentionally hit Trooper Wolf, but the obvious concerns were his driving, which caused the collision, and Warren’s failure to stop.
The prosecutors argued that there’s no way that Warren couldn’t have known he hit something. Warren’s defense attorney said that he thought that he just had a flat tire.
Even if you buy that excuse, there’s still a charge of reckless driving resulting in death, or even just a charge of a traffic violation resulting in death. Should be a slam-dunk case, right? Obviously a traffic infraction was committed which resulted in Trooper Wolf’s death. You can’t just go around running into cops and dragging them to death for four miles without being held responsible, right? Wrong.
The jury acquitted Charles Warren based on the apparent excuse of, “Oops, I’m sorry. It was an accident.” Or maybe, “I’m old, old people do these sort of things. I’ll die sometime in the next 20 years anyway.” [Editor’s Note: These are not actual quotes from the defendant.]
Where’s the justice for this fallen hero and his family? Do you think that doing something unlawful and accidentally killing somebody should result in no consequences?

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