Tuesday, November 19, 2019

A Top Republican Slapped the Smile Off Schiff’s Face With Just Three Words    8 hours ago   

Adam Schiff is pushing full speed ahead in his fake impeachment hearings. 
He truly believes that he can force Trump out of office. 
But a top Republican just slapped the smile off Schiff’s face with just three words.

Adam Schiff’s impeachment hearings are not going the way he thought they would.

They initially kicked off in order to look into claims that Trump threatened Ukraine’s president in order to force an investigation into Joe Biden.

But now that seems to be a major issue
that Schiff is trying to avoid, instead focusing on allegations that Trump obstructed the investigation into the scandal that everybody already knows is made up.

That’s why Republicans are demanding answers into the original allegations, to prove just how ridiculous Schiff’s inquiry is.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy took aim at Schiff’s lies.

“I think Adam Schiff has lied numerous times. I do not think Adam Schiff is fit to be in this position of running the Intel committee,” McCarthy told reporters at a weekly press briefing.

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