Sunday, April 26, 2020

Nancy, trying to justify being an IDIOT...!!

Nancy Pelosi Snaps When Confronted About Coronavirus Relief By CNN’s Jake Tapper: ‘Just Calm Down’      By LifeZette | April 26, 2020

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) went wonky on Sunday during an interview with CNN host Jake Tapper, telling him to “just calm down” when he confronted her about coronavirus relief.

The interview came days after Congress approved another economic package to help small businesses through the COVID-19 pandemic. The bill did not include any additional aid for state and local government, who have been asking Congress for help repeatedly, with New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) specifically attacking Congress for not giving assistance.

During CNN‘s “State of the Union” today, Tapper asked Pelosi why Congress has not given these governments any help, going so far as to suggest that she and other Democratic leaders have made a “tactical mistake.” This did not sit well with Pelosi, who immediately came unglued.

“So, Cuomo says he would have insisted on state funding in the last bill,” Tapper said. “Was this a tactical mistake by you and Senator Schumer?”

“Just calm down,” Pelosi fired back. “We will have state and local, and we will have it in a very significant way. It’s no use going on to what might have been.”

Pelosi had earlier claimed that the most recent legislation “was always an interim bill,” and promised to pass additional local and state funding in the second major coronavirus relief bill, which she called “CARES 2.” Later in the interview, the California Democrat claimed that governors are “impatient,” but said their impatience is positive because it “will help us get an even bigger number” in the next relief bill.

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