Thursday, April 30, 2020

So....What are they going to do about it..? I'll tell you....NOTHING...Those in the FBI that did this SHOULD go to jail....But they won't..

Confirmed: Spying on the Trump Campaign Was Always the FBI's Intention  
Matt Vespa   Posted: Apr 30, 2020

Well, this isn’t the most shocking news given the FBI’s bad behavior when it came to investigations into Trump campaign, the administration, and this overall Russian collusion fiasco, but a new report shows that the nation’s leading domestic intelligence and law enforcement agency had always intended to spy on the president’s 2016 campaign. Last week, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, rolled out a new section of his committee’s website dedicated to the probe into the FBI’s surveillance operations into the Trump campaign. Margot Cleveland at the Federalist highlighted several disturbing conclusions, but the spying claim is certainly one of the most damaging. And one Cleveland writes that was always an intention from the bureau. Oh, and they also appeared to have spied on the Trump administration as well after the 2016 election:

When news first broke that the Obama administration had obtained a FISA order to surveil Page, Democrats and the left-leaning press argued the FBI’s surveillance of the former Trump foreign policy advisor didn’t constitute spying on the Trump campaign because the court-ordered surveillance didn’t begin until after Page had left the campaign

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