Friday, May 1, 2020

Time for another ARMED demonstration/protest, make sure she's there ...!!

Days After Michigan Sues Its Own Democrat Governor – She Signs 3 Executive Orders To Extend Lockdown
By Adam Casalino| May 1, 2020

Michigan residents have been unhappy over their governor’s strict lockdowns.

Once the “darling” of the Democratic party, it appears Whitmer’s façade is cracking. Even her own legislature voted to sue her.

But instead of backing down, she is doubling—no, tripling—down on it.

From Daily Wire:

Governor Gretchen Whitmer has rebuked the Republican-controlled Michigan House of Representatives — which declined to extend the governor’s emergency measures and instead voted to sue her for unauthorized use of power — with three executive orders that will extend the state’s emergency declaration until May 28.

Yikes. Gov. Whitmer, despite being sued by her own government, signed three new orders to lockdown Michigan until May 28.

Hey, Gretchen, here’s a tip. If you don’t want people to think you’re a petty tyrant, don’t sign three orders to punish your own people!

How does Whitmer justify her strict orders? Many states are reopening. The data is showing the disease is on the decline. Some experts say that lockdowns can’t even help the problem.

Yet the governor seems to be punishing the state of Michigan with more restrictions, not fewer.

Is this woman doing it out of bitterness? Is she so outraged that residents would want to go back to work, that she’d make things worse for them?

I never agreed with Democrats, but the very least you could say was that they were trying to make things better (but failing).

Is this liberal deliberately trying to hurt her own people? Even California and New York are talking about reopening sooner than Michigan.

Can’t we both protect the most vulnerable while going back to work? If it works in Georgia, Florida, and Texas—can’t it work for Michigan?

And the most important question: what will Michigan residents do in response to this? What would you do?

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