Tuesday, June 9, 2020

The Most Insane Reactions to the Riots
By Michael Brigham June 9, 2020


From a city council’s vote to abolish one of America’s largest police departments to rioters defacing a statue of President Abraham Lincoln, the response to calls for law enforcement reforms have shifted from understandable, if not justified, to (putting it nicely) bananas.

The Left’s calls are reminiscent of the disastrous Paris Commune or for those more familiar with recent history, the tumult that grew out of the Vietnam War. In both cases, the anarchists lost decisively. The French Army crushed the Commune, and Nixon won the 1968 election, followed by Republican presidential candidates winning seven of the next ten elections. Not that we expect leftists to finish their history books.
Here are some of the most ludicrous responses to calls for action. Responses that are boosting President Trump’s reelection prospects as I type this.

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