Sunday, June 7, 2020

Von Spakovsky and Stimson: George Floyd rioters – use this federal law to punish violent criminals  By Hans A. von Spakovsky, Cully Stimson | Fox News

From the Civil Rights movement of the 1960s to the 2009 Tea Party March on Washington in 2009 to the annual March for Life in our nation’s capital, peaceful protests have been a hallmark – and strength – of American democracy.

But the violence that has erupted around the protests over the death of George Floyd has nothing to do with democracy. Attacks on law enforcement officers and innocent civilians; looting and burning small businesses (often in minority neighborhoods) – this is criminal behavior. It is the work of anarchists and lawless mobs, instigated by those who want to take advantage of the tragedy that occurred in Minneapolis.

State and local law enforcement are responsible for protecting the public – including those engaged in civil protests – and going after those engaged in criminal violence. If police forces need help, governors may call upon their state National Guard to lend a hand

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