Wednesday, June 3, 2020

“Wreck It” Ralph Northam’s Message To Rioters Will Have Gun Sales Soaring   June 2, 2020 by Cam Edwards

Check out the governor’s comments here (they’re at 1:00:56 

Northam’s comments will embolden those who are looting and rioting in cities like Richmond, and in turn send more Virginians flocking to gun stores to purchase one of the few remaining firearms still available for sale. The governor talked a lot on Monday afternoon about the pain of the rioters, but he said nothing at all about the pain of Virginians who’ve watched their businesses go up in smoke, had their homes set on fire with children inside, and who are watching their neighborhoods become devastated by repeated acts of vandalism and violence as the sun goes down every evening.

Their pain may not matter to the Northam, but I can assure you it’s real. Governor Ralph Northam forfeited any moral authority to lead a conversation about racial injustice the moment he put on his blackface (or was the Klan hood?), and his mealy-mouthed attempt to explain away the riots and looting is the latest example of his utter inability to unite Virginians. In fact, I truly believe Ralph Northam wants to divide us. Compare his velvet-glove treatment of those actually committing acts of violence with how he described Virginia gun owners before they peacefully descended on the state capitol for a rally back in January.

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