Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Donations allow blind man to keep the dog that saved him
Cecil Williams says that it was a miracle and angels help save him, after the blind man lost consciousness and tumbled with his guide dog in front of an oncoming New York City train subway track.
                                   By Christina Caron, NBC News
NEW YORK -- A blind man who would have had to say goodbye to the guide dog that stayed by his side after a fall onto the New York City subway tracks will now get to keep his loyal companion of eight years.
Ever since Cecil Williams' story aired Tuesday on "Nightly News with Brian Williams," NBC News has
received hundreds of inquiries from people wanting to help Williams, 61, keep his dog Orlando.
Williams fainted at the 125th Street platform in Manhattan on Tuesday, and as he tumbled forward, Orlando landed in the tracks alongside him. Orlando tried to rouse Williams, who was unconscious. They lay there as the train passed above them. More Of Story                      Carlo Allegri / REUTERS

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