Sunday, December 15, 2013

Watch Larry The Cable Guy Slam Obamacare On ‘Hannity’ [VIDEO]

Larry the Cable Guy has hilariously slammed Barack Obama and the Obamacare plan in a new Fox News interview. The comedian has long been a Republican and a critic of Obama’s policies, but had plenty to say about the Affordable Care Act when speaking with Sean Hannity.
In the interview, Larry the Cable Guy said he had finally figured out the specifics of the Obamacare plan on the website. “It’s a disaster, but I have figured out the bronze plan. The bronze plan is the color your finger’s gonna look like after you give yourself a prostate exam,” he jokes. “The gold plan is when you start to miss your wedding ring after you had to pay for the deductible. The silver plan is what color your hair is gonna be after you’re done signing up for it.”
The comedian also ripped Obama for the paltry amount of people who have registered so far for Obamacare. “60,000 people signed up at one point. Art Linkletter has more Twitter followers than that and he’s been dead for many years,” said Larry the Cable Guy. “I’ve eaten more girl scout cookies than 60,000.”Last September, Larry the Cable Guy took to Twitter and slammed Obamacare in a series of posts. “It’s be nice if it could stopped and reworked. This was an albatross shoved down our throats that we had no voice in,” he tweeted. “What’s the harm? Why rush into something that’s gonna be a disaster for most folks? We were told health care arguments were gonna be on c-span live so we the people could be involved in every debate aspect.     Well, hmm…”  

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