Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Facebook's policy is hypocritical

Facebook Removes Teen's Hunting Pictures; Keeps Up Page Advocating for Her Murder    Christine Rousselle | Jul 09, 2014 

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Texas Tech student and aspiring TV host Kendall Jones has been under fire as of late for her posts on Facebook with various big game animals she has hunted. Facebook removed those photos yesterday, claiming that they violated the site's community standards. Something apparently does not violate those community standards, however, is a page advocating for the murder of Kendall Jones.
Jones legally hunted all of the animals she is pictured with--she is not a poacher.
It's fine to have an opinion that hunting is bad or cruel, but it certainly is not okay to advocate for the murder of another human being. Facebook's policy is hypocritical. One of the images on the "Kill Kendall Jones" page is a cartoon of a lion standing over Jones' dead body--if that's not "glorifying violence," then what is?

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