Thursday, July 10, 2014

Maybe we should just throw the guns put there and let the "BAD GUYS" kill themselves off

Chicago Could Be First US City With Martial Law Imposed
Get ready, folks, it looks like this is really happening. You may have read earlier that Chicago, Obama’s hometown, has just topped their 200th homicide for 2014. While this certainly indicates a big problem with violence, many liberals have overreacted to this situation. Many are actually calling for something akin to martial law.
Before we get into this in more detail, a few facts should be made clear. This is the latest point in the calendar year when Chicago has hit its 200th homicide in the last four years, according to Red Eye Chicago. The homicide rate is also down 4 percent over last year, which was also the lowest level of homicides in the Windy City during the last 50 years. Never mind the facts, though, liberals like Roland Martin now want martial law declared:     READ MORE                 
What do YOU think? Are you ready for martial law ?

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