Wednesday, July 9, 2014

I should have known, any article with "chuck todds" name on it would be biased TOWARD obama. one of obamas "reporter lap dogs"


In other words do what obama wants, or lose credibility

Action Trumps Obama Border Photo-Op, Says White House

Does the GOP reject the White House’emergency-spending request for the border?

House Judiciary Committee Chair Bob Goodlatte certainly doesn’t sound like someone who wants to approve the funding. "President Obama created this disaster at our southern border, and now he is asking to use billions of taxpayer dollars without accountability or a plan in place to actually stop the border crisis,” he said in a statement, per NBC’s Frank Thorp. “Most of the money requested in the president's supplemental seems geared towards processing Central Americans than stopping the surge itself.” Heritage Action also is whipping against the border aid. “Conservatives are eager to change laws that are hampering the administration's ability to deal with the surge, but believe our nation's border security can be addressed through the regular appropriations process where priorities can be re-ordered and spending can occur within the established budget caps." Now it’s possible that House GOP leaders might negotiate for a smaller emergency spending bill -- maybe $2.7 billion instead of $3.7 billion. But if Republicans decide to do nothing, it would be a P.R. disaster. For starters, the party already is seen as having “compassion” and Latino problems, and rejecting aid would only underscore those problems (remember, $3 billion is a miniscule amount when it comes to appropriations). In addition, rejecting aid would highlight the GOP’s inability to govern. Passing a small emergency-spending bill is one of the easiest things Congress can do, and Democrats would be able to say: “House Republicans can’t do anything, even in a crisis.

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