Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Supreme Court Basically Rules That Majority-White Neighborhoods Are Racist

The Supreme Court’s ruling this week in Texas Housing v. Inclusive Communities proclaimed that, when it comes to housing discrimination suits, “the law allows not only claims for intentional discrimination but also, claims that cover practices that have a discriminatory effect, even if they were not motivated by an intent to discriminate.” (H/T CNN)
This means that builders, lenders and insurers can be sued for discrimination just because the racial makeup of a particular neighborhood irks the race baiters.
According to Breitbart, the goal of this ruling, as written by Justice Anthony Kennedy, is to root out “unconscious prejudice.”
The underlying premise is that disparate impact — i.e., disproportionate population statistics — is itself evidence of racial discrimination.
So in translation, a majority-white neighborhood is automatically racist because such a small quantity of black people — if any — live there.
Charming logic, right?
The court basically wants “to rearrange the socioeconomic structure of society” in a bid to bring about Barack Hussein Obama’s radically transformed America.

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