Tuesday, May 31, 2016

And that narrative is GONE...

Liberals Scream Racism for Gorilla Being Shot Over "White Kid", Then This Picture Surfaces

Liberals Claim Shooting of Gorilla to Save boy About ‘White Privilege’ Turns out Parents and Child are Black

Ladies and Gentlemen- meet the parents of the only black kid in the world that has “WHITE PRIVILEGE!”

Talk about egg on your face...

One of the big news stories this week is the outrage by the loony left after a gorilla was shot at the Cincinnati Zoo in an attempt to rescue a child that fell into the enclosure

As you might imagine, liberals everywhere were outraged about the gorilla and could care less about the human child. Not surprising though, considering how much they just seem to adore murdering the unborn in the womb.

However, one of the more ridiculous outcries to come from folks was that the killing of the gorilla
was racist and was about saving a “white kid.”
Yes, the ridiculous myth of white privilege reared it’s ugly head, but there’s just one problem......

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