Wednesday, June 1, 2016

No stone wall here but...there is an invisable wall that works because these are "law abiding, caring people" even though the towns are divided by a border that divides streets, homes, buildings and families...

Along the U.S.-Canadian border, frayed ties and daily hassles
Along the U.S.-Canadian border, frayed ties and daily hassles

Washington Post · 1 hour ago

© William Marsden/For The Washington Post Along this 620-yard stretch of Highway 247, called Canusa Street in Vermont and Rue Canusa in Quebec, the border runs more or less down the middle of the street…
STANSTEAD, Quebec — For some folks living in a cluster of small towns straddling the U.S.-Canadian border here, life could not feel more comfortably secure.
Six Canadian and U.S. checkpoints service the 21/2-mile stretch of frontier that cuts through the villages of Derby Line and Beebe Plain, both in Vermont, and the town of Stanstead, in Quebec. Street cameras, satellite and sensor surveillance, vehicle patrols, and the occasional thumping helicopter overhead ensure that residents can’t budge without someone watching.
It’s no wonder that many don’t bother to lock their doors.

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