Monday, May 30, 2016

Obama's eight-year War on Normal is nothing new, but last night the Congress hit an all-time low.

Obama and his demented liberal colleagues in the Congress and elsewhere have been ceaselessly trying to homosexualize and feminize every aspect of the American experience (including, sadly, our military), and to strip every reference to God from public life.

And if the truth be known, they've had great success, thanks in large part to the high number of cowardly and outright dishonest Republicans who express strong, conservative, Judeo-Christian viewpoints on the campaign trail, but somehow lose all of their political testosterone on the way to the Capital to cast votes.

But last night the House actually voted to forbid Jewish and Christian companies from doing business with the federal government because of their moral beliefs in matters of human sexuality!

And they did it with the Vichy votes of dozens of limp-wristed, turncoat RINOs, Republicans In Name Only.  Another sickening, immoral surrender by a Congress supposedly controlled by REPUBLICANS.


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