Wednesday, June 1, 2016

When blacks are protesting and demanding ALL statues, memorials, flags, etc. from the Confederacy be removed because they remind them of slavery and hangings then WHY would they want a memorial to slavery ? wouldn't that also remind them of slavery and hangings ? I find this memorial OFFENSIVE and think it should be taken down. Are blacks a bunch of PANSIES ? The Italians and Irish were also enslaved but you don't hear THEM crying and protesting over something that happened a couple hundred years ago. They want reparations (free money) for something done to their ancestors. Why don't they go to Africa, find the ancestors who SOLD them into slavery and demand that they pay them reparations. They would be laughed out of the country.....

Millions Who Were Killed and Sacrificed in Slave Trade To Create America’s Riches
slavery memorial  

Visitors to the United Nations headquarters in New York will get a powerful reminder of the brutality of the transatlantic slave trade and its enormous impact on world history through a visually stunning new memorial that was unveiled yesterday in a solemn ceremony.
There were speeches intended to touch the emotionality of a system that operated for hundreds of years, killing an estimated 15 million African men, women and children and sending millions more into the jaws of a vicious system of plantation slavery in the Americas.
U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon called slavery “a stain on human history.”


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