Friday, September 16, 2016

Malia Gets EXPOSED After Boy’s Private Pic Shows What’s Down At Her Knees     September 15, 2016

Malia Obama appears to be seen playing beer pong with a group of young people at a party in Maryland last month in a photo obtained exclusively 
The 18-year-old first daughter, dressed in a midriff-baring baseball tee and pair of cut off jean shorts, looks directly at a fellow partygoer’s phone in the photograph, which was later uploaded to the social app Snapchat.
To her left is another young man holding a can of beer in one hand while picking up one of the many plastic cups on the table.
There are also cans of Natural Light, Bud Light and Miller Lite on the table, which is decorated with red, white and blue confetti.
She looks pretty hammered in that pic, huh?
Another interesting photo began circulating online of Malia showing her in a ‘Smoking Kills’ shirt at a University of Pennsylvania party standing near what appears to be a bong. Party ANIMAL!
And let’s not forget when Malia was photographed attending the Lollapalooza music festival in Chicago where she could be seen smoking a joint!
Michelle Obama’s press office has not responded to a request for comment.
Why does any of this really matter? Well, I suppose it doesn’t matter a lot but it IS newsworthy considering this is the President of The United States of America’s daughter. Besides, if it was Trump’s daughter or the Bush girls it would be FRONT PAGE NEWS on every liberal rag.
God Bless.

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