Saturday, September 17, 2016

Obama's true colors... and it is NOT pretty!

A Video of Obama From 1995, Shows His True Colors

Things we know about Obama is that he is quite possibly the worst president we have ever seen, he is trying to divide the country (and succeeding), and wants to fundamentally change America.

Many of Obama’s beliefs were revealed in the book, Dreams from My Father, where it was also revealed a significant influence in Obama’s life was a man named Frank.
Now, Frank has been identified as Frank Marshall Davis, a communist with an FBI file about as thick as a phone book!

I have long said Obama would not be happy until he turns the United States into something that resembles the old USSR and creates a modern day race war that rips this country apart.

In my opinion, Obama has deep seeded race issues and loyalty to Islam that is finally coming to the surface for everyone to see.

He ran on a platform of change and hope, but it was really oppression and socialism!
And it was Frank Marshall Davis that was likely responsible for putting these ideas in Obama’s head.
Davis was a well-known journalist and activist who would move to Hawaii in the 1940s.
After making the move, Davis became extremely involved in local labor issues, so much so that the FBI started to track him.

Something else that is rather disturbing about the man that had the young Barack Obama’s ear is that he penned a pornographic novel called, Sex Rebel: Black (Memoirs of a Gash Gourmet).
That book was written under the pen name of Bob Greene.
A communist, a labor activist, a racist, and a pornographer… that is who Obama looked up to.

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