Monday, June 19, 2017

Ann Coulter Unleashes on Trump for 'Zero' Progress on Border Wall

Does Ann Coulter not see the news ? Doesn't she know what's going on in Washington ? He is being blocked at every turn, not just by democrats but by some of his traitorous "fellow" Republicans. He has started on the "wall", by getting bids and illustrations of what the wall will look like, and besides not getting th funding O K'd by Congress. Everyone knows the demorats are not going to agree with anything Trump proposes. Does Anne have another motivation for dropping her support of PRESIDENT TRUMP ???.........OPEN YOUR EYES ANN, SEE WHAT THE REST OF US SEE !!

Ann Coulter Unleashes on Trump for 'Zero' Progress on Border Wall
Fox News · 2 days ago
Ann Coulter Slams Trump in Blistering Tweetstorm For Lack of Wall Progress

Published on Jun 16, 2017
If you weren’t aware already, conservative columnist Ann Coulter really wants President Trump to build that border wall and keep out those undocumented immigrants crossing over from Mexico. Trump’s tough approach to immigration was one of the most, if not the most, important reason why she supported him so fiercely during the 2016 election.
The firebrand has indicated that Trump tested her patience in recent months whenever he failed to deliver on a particular promise or showed a willingness to compromise. Coulter has even threatened to no longer support Trump if he softens up much more from his campaign proposals.

The good news for Coulter is that there are new reports out today, saying Trump has come up with a design for the border wall, and hopefully it will be as “big” and “beautiful” as he said it would be.
Ann Coulter Unleashes on Trump for 'Zero' Progress on Border Wall.
Ann Coulter was a big supporter of then-candidate Donald Trump during the 2016 campaign, but so far she's been underwhelmed by the Trump presidency.

On Friday, Coulter unleashed a series of tweets, ripping Trump for his lack of progress on building a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, addressing illegal immigration and halting the flow of Middle Eastern refugees into our country.
Coulter had previously warned that if Trump fails to keep his campaign promises, the Democrats will win big in the 2018 election.

She also said she fears that "the Trump-haters were right," and she's prepared to jump ship if things don't change.

Ann Coulter
Yesterday, the Trump administration kept in place Obama’s unconstitutional executive amnesty.

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