Megyn Kelly’s new show is off to a rocky start.
A controversial interview only added to her woes.
And the aftermath led to a shocking turn of events.
Megyn Kelly faced relentless liberal media pressure because she interviewed InfoWars host Alex Jones.
Sponsors boycotted the program and Kelly’s crew re-edited the piece to make Jones look bad.
The New York Post reported:
“Megyn Kelly has completely overhauled her Sunday night show featuring Alex Jones, inviting Sandy Hook families on the program and editing her interview with Jones to be tougher on him, following all the backlash this week.”
Kelly even sold the interview as trying to take down Jones because he supported Donald Trump in the 2016 election.
But this only added more fuel to the fire.
Jones one-upped Kelly by releasing audio of their conversations in the run up to the interview.
These clips showed Kelly to be a two-faced reporter who tried to butter up her subject to get him to agree to an interview.
Kelly even promised to let Jones get an advanced look at the piece to make sure it passed muster.
Deadline reports:
“Interspersed with Jones’ chest-thumping commentary from behind his mic on his Austin Infowars soundstage, Kelly is heard saying she wanted to show a more personal side of Jones, to both his followers and “the left” that will watch NBC. No word from NBC News on that remark.
“But I will promise you, to personally look at any clips we want to use of you, and have a producer run by you whether we are taking it in context and what you are saying about it,” Kelly vows at one point to the Sandy Hook mass shooting denier.”
After the interview aired, Jones called on NBC and Kelly to release the full, unedited tape of their interview.
To the surprise of many, Jones was joined in with this demand by Fox News Channel’s Sean Hannity.

CNN’s far-left, Fox News hating media reporter Brian Stelter jabbed at Hannity.

When it was pointed out that Stelter falsely accused Hannity of praying for Clinton’s death during the 2016 campaign, Hannity fired back and put CNN’s so-called “media critic” in his place.

Megyn Kelly’s show is a ratings disaster.
Now she’s being labeled as fake news by a former colleague.
Things have gotten so bad that one talk show host claimed NBC wants out of its contract with her.

Now, this is the only report of this nature to surface, so it could be inaccurate.
But given Kelly’s decline in ratings, no one would be surprised to see her show canceled for good.