Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Now we are getting threats from London Englands mayor ?

London's Islamic Mayor WARNS Trump: Drop your Travel Ban Or Face Terrorist Attacks -
London’s Muslim mayor is making waves in US politics by warning Trump that his “ignorant view of Islam” could invite a terrorist

Here’s Mr Khan’s full quote: “Donald Trump’s ignorant view of Islam could make both of our countries less safe – it risks alienating mainstream Muslims around the world and plays into the hands of extremists.”

This is the constant refrain from the left over the years.  According to them, the only reason Islamic radicals are waging jihad against innocents is that we don’t understand them.  It’s really our fault because we hold an “ignorant view of Islam.” Apparently, the only way to not “alienate mainstream Muslims” is to drop a travel ban that is specifically designed to prevent terrorists from reaching our shores.  And if we refuse?  Then apparently we’re bringing the trouble on ourselves.  Ok, GOT IT!  We deserve what we get.
This is just one of the many troubling statements from London’s first Islamic mayor, Sadiq Khan.  He is also known for his outrageous comments while in New York City that Islamic terrorism is just, “part and parcel of life in a big city.”  Can anyone imagine a more disgusting affront to New Yorkers who lived through 9/11?
Here’s some analysis from FFS:
London’s new Mayor, Sadiq Khan, has found himself embroiled in one controversy after another, many involving President Donald Trump. Khan, himself a Muslim, has responded to Trump’s travel restrictions branding them “ignorant” after the President had congratulated the mayor on his victory.
Khan is seen as a good choice for London Mayor, but some of his divisive statements are leaving many Londoners feeling isolated and left behind and questioning whether Khan is looking out for the interests of ALL residents.
Some of the Mayors more concerning comments include suggestions that if Donald Trump doesn’t moderate his stance on Muslims, they will launch more terror attacks. This is worth thinking about for a second. Is Khan suggesting that Muslims are so fragile that a travel ban will force them into justified terrorism? Or is he saying that people who would otherwise commit terrorist acts would be mollified into becoming perfect citizens if only The Donald showed them some love?
Khan has also stated that terrorist bombing are just part of living in a big city. Really? Because they never used to be. There has been a shift in not only political attitudes, but also in the willingness to take on an Islamic threat. By rolling over and accepting terrorist bombings (that actually kill a lot of Muslims), then one particularly violent strain of Islam is being allowed to flourish with all others cast aside.
This is all part of the larger narrative of the worldwide awakening of Islam.  Islam used to dominate much of the world.  There are elements that want that dominance back.  They are using all the means at their disposal to advance the cause; education, politics,media,as well as terrorism.  Whether Khan is a part of this remains to be seen.  At the very least he is a dupe who is making the advance of radical Islam easier.

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Tim said...

Seems like a lying muslim spokes-hole has threatened Americans. You seem to be a lying pale piece of pigs ear and I hope you fall repeatedly on a dull knife, squidstick. I guess by moderate muslims you mean the ones that just watch as gay men are thrown from buildings.